26 October 2017

Stock in Focus – Kering

During his recent visit to Australia, we caught up with Bernard Chua, Client Portfolio Manager of the Zurich Investments Global Growth Share Fund and asked him to demonstrate the stock selection process for the Fund.

The Zurich Investments Global Growth Share Fund is an international share fund designed for long-term investors who want to capitalize on the unique opportunities presented by companies with sustainable earnings acceleration. The strategy focuses on inflection points in companies’ fundamentals on the belief that markets are inefficient at identifying such points. Rather than ask ‘what is a growth stock’, the investment team looks at every stock and asks ‘when are they a growth stock’.

In this short video, Bernard gives us an overview of a recent addition to the portfolio, luxury goods company Kering, and explains the point of inflection and the sustainability of earnings acceleration that made Kering an attractive investment opportunity.

Zurich Investments are proud to have American Century Investments as our strategic investment partner for the Zurich Global Growth Share Fund. Find out more about Zurich’s Global Growth Share Fund here, or contact your Zurich representative to discuss how we can help you.

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