7 March 2017

First World Health – a thematic perspective from Lazard Asset Management

Lazard Asset Management (the manager of Zurich’s Global Thematic Share Fund) recently evolved its investment thinking, introducing new themes into Global Thematic that more precisely capture the long term wealth creation opportunities identified by the investment team.

One of the new themes is ‘First World Health’, which addresses the rising cost of healthcare globally, and specifically in the United States.  Healthcare expenditure in the US is approaching 16% of GDP, nearly double the OECD average and it is at risk of becoming unaffordable Innovative companies that are applying technology to improve productivity, or which can offer more cost-effective access to healthcare are interesting candidates for this theme..

In this short video, Lazard’s Portfolio Manager Steve Wreford explains the theme in more detail and gives an example of a stock that is part of the solution, and which he thinks provides wealth-enhancement opportunity.

Zurich Investments’ partnership with Lazard Asset Management extends back nearly 15 years.  We are proud to have them as our exclusive investment partner for the Zurich Investments Global Thematic Share Fund. Find out more about Zurich’s Global Thematic Share Fund here, or contact your Zurich representative to discuss how we can help you.

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