Zurich Investment Insights – The impact of unchanging US rates

28 September 2015

The recent decision by the US Federal Reserve to leave its rates unchanged reveals a lack of clarity predicted to keep markets jittery for the foreseeable future. Patrick Noble, Zurich’s Senior Investment Strategist looks at the reasons behind the US Fed indecision and what it means for financial markets in the foreseeable future.


Konnichiwa. Remember Japan?

23 June 2015

While the current fixation on Greece is understandable, it’s quite possible that investor focus would be better served on the resurgent Japanese equity market.


The new breed of blue chip

2 December 2014

The speed of change and technological advances can create a significant informational ‘edge’. It’s the new breed of blue chip, where ideas which were thought to be a long way into the future are now more possible than ever before.