Asia Rising

15 September 2015

The centre of global economic activity has seen a clear shift away from Developed Markets and towards Emerging Markets since the turn of the century. China has been at the heart of this and today stands as the most important emerging market. However, the traditional drivers of growth that have propelled Emerging Markets to this prominence are becoming unsustainable.


Should we fear the Fed?

8 September 2015

The latest employment figures out of the US have done little to resolve the burning question of when the US Federal Reserve will raise interest rates.


The advantages of an Ageing World

19 August 2015

It’s been dubbed the ‘Age War’. We’re now living longer than ever before thanks in large part to advances in healthcare and the adoption of healthier lifestyles.


A perspective on China

29 July 2015

Chinese mainland equity markets have been under sharp pressure early this week, rumoured to be due in part to China Securities Finance Corp stepping back after a period of support.