The active management difference

13 April 2016

Conventional wisdom suggests that markets with a wider spread in returns between the top and bottom performers (also called dispersion) can reward an active investment approach.  These rewards can be boosted further in markets where new information is harder to come by and diligent research can add consistent value. In equities, a good example of […]


Finding Growth in a low growth market

17 March 2016

Zurich’s Global Growth Share Fund has generated 11.78% p.a. return since its inception in 2009 to the end of February 2016 – ahead of global benchmarks. In this video, Bernard Chua from American Century Investments shares the fund manager’s formula for selecting high performing stocks.


Is growth investing relevant in a low growth world?

29 February 2016

Making a call on whether ‘growth’ or ‘value’ will perform better in a given market is tough. Perhaps one way to sidestep the need to ‘call’ the market is to re-think the definition for growth? The question to ask is not ‘what is a growth stock’, but rather ‘when’ is a company a growth stock.


Advisers prove their worth in volatile markets

28 January 2016

China’s economic slowdown, plummeting commodity prices led by oil, and stuttering global growth have combined to create the worst start to the year on record. You can’t blame investors for feeling anxious as the media speculates that there could be more turbulence to come.