27 November 2015

Australia’s great ‘Wall of Cash’: Have we reached the tipping point?

Despite falling equity markets both here and overseas, Australian investors continue to defy investment wisdom by holding large amounts of cash – about $732 billion worth according to the latest APRA figures. This conservatism – especially when it comes to global equities – continues to dominate, and the ‘Wall of Cash’ continues to grow.

To analyse this investor behaviour more closely, Zurich has partnered with CoreData to launch a ground-breaking new report, ‘Global Investment Opportunities: SMSF Trustee Attitudinal Study. The report looks at the behavioural barriers that are stopping Australian investors from moving out of cash and into international markets, as well as providing valuable guidance for advisers and investors seeking to chart a more inspiring investment path.

To request an exclusive copy of the report, please contact the Zurich Investments team at Zurich.investments@zurich.com.au

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  1. “I think this is the best period of time in Australia’s history. The vast capital from China, including entrepreneurs like us, have been looking for investment opportunities worldwide.”

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