Zurich Investments

With a heritage going back more than 30 years, Zurich has pioneered many of the investment products and strategies Australian advisers now take for granted. Drawing on the global strength of our Zurich brand, we’ve partnered with the best of breed fund managers from around the globe, to provide innovative and specialist investment solutions for advisers and their clients.


Global Investment Funds

Global Growth Share Fund Invests in international stocks. It capitalises on the unique opportunities presented by fast-growing companies around the world. Lazard Asset Management
Concentrated Global Growth Fund
Invests in a concentrated portfolio of international shares with high growth potential.
Lazard Asset Management
Global Equity Income Fund Invests in a carefully selected range of blue chip global shares. It delivers high regular income, with lower volatility. Lazard Asset Management
Global Thematic Share Fund Invests in international stocks. Its active, thematic approach seeks to find the most attractive global opportunities. Lazard Asset Management
Emerging Markets Equity Fund Access to some of the world’s most attractive stocks with the comfort of a disciplined emerging markets investment process. Lazard Asset Management
Managed Growth Fund Invests in a mix of Australian and international shares, fixed interest securities, property securities and cash.


Domestic Investment Funds

Equity Income Fund Invests in blue chip Australian shares listed on the ASX/200. It seeks high and regular levels of income and lower volatility than other equity funds. Lazard Asset Management
Small Companies Fund
Invests in small companies in Australia & Asia which have the potential to provide substantial growth opportunities.
Lazard Asset Management
Australian Property Securities Fund Invests in Australian property. It provides income, capital growth and the opportunity to participate in the growth of real estate investment trusts in Australia. Lazard Asset Management