Has the hunt for yield reached emerging markets equity?

30 August 2016

High valuations for U.S. stocks coupled with low interest rates and ample liquidity have driven a much-talked about search for yield. Thankfully, we have not yet seen a broad impact on higher-yielding stocks in the emerging markets, writes Stephen L. Kinney, Portfolio Specialist with Wells Fargo Asset Management. Take utilities—often the prototypical dividend sector—as an […]


The business of sharing

25 May 2016

The Digital Revolution has paved the way for the rise of a global socio-economic ecosystem dubbed the ‘sharing economy’. And it is growing at a phenomenal pace, thanks to the seemingly overnight success of sharing giants like Uber and Airbnb. But is this just hype or should we as investors take note of the rise […]


Time to reconsider Emerging Markets?

10 May 2016

After a prolonged period of doom and gloom, the news emanating from Emerging Markets has taken on a more positive tone since the start of 2016. Encouraging macro-economic reports out of China, including both trade data for March and first quarter GDP growth that matched expectations at 6.7%, have allayed immediate fears of a ‘hard […]


The active management difference

13 April 2016

Conventional wisdom suggests that markets with a wider spread in returns between the top and bottom performers (also called dispersion) can reward an active investment approach.  These rewards can be boosted further in markets where new information is harder to come by and diligent research can add consistent value. In equities, a good example of […]


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